What we do


Discovery & Planning

Brand Positioning

User Experience

Content Strategy

Digital Roadmap

Your project must have a goal and a profit-oriented action plan. Our team creates complete solutions that deliver rapid results, so that your business can remain future-proof. We specialize in developing and executing strategy plans, market discovery, competitor analysis and brand positioning. So, let's build the digital roadmap of your business together!

How do we map out the strategy we employ to achieve the desired outcomes? We rely on our current breakthroughs and past failures, the market your business operates in and its competitors, a thorough research process along with a well-defined understanding of your business's positioning. We establish and implement measurable objectives to reach and exceed your expectations. Our entire creative process is crafted in line with these principles!


Website Design

Logo & Branding

UI/UX Design

Print Design


Design is what makes your brand's personality stand out. It must not only attract the attention of your visitors, but also manage to retain it. Kondiment uses a successful design recipe which is a perfect synergy of branding, user interface, as well as user experience. We believe that an aesthetic design, which is equally as intuitive, can help your end users to get easy and quick access to information they need.

We keep up to date with the latest outstanding design trends and we prioritize our partners' goals, while we remain at the top of our game. That's why our in-house specialists craft personalized experiences for your target audience.


Responsive Websites

Web Apps


Custom Integration

Mobile Development

Kondiment offers you an entire digital ecosystem with unique functionalities that sets your business in motion. Our Agile teams work diligently together so that web developers, designers and marketing strategists successfully launch your project, both from a commercial and technical perspective. 

In this mobile-first era, we focus on optimizing your website by producing a responsive design so that your smartphone users can enjoy a rich experience. We monitor the development of your website at all times, and our premium support does not stop here.


Search / Visibility / Social

SEM (Marketing for search engines)

SEO (Optimization for search engines)

Direct Mailing

E-mail Marketing

Brand awareness in the digital world presents serious challenges for each business, due to the dynamic nature of the Internet. It's almost impossible to keep up with the latest search engine optimization strategies without dedicated support.  

We are here to help grow your company with small, but safe steps. We build measurable and effective campaigns, and the principle we start with in Digital Marketing is clear - generating visibility and maximum conversions. We go beyond our limits with each campaign that successfully incorporates updated customer acquisition strategies.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most powerful means of online advertising, since it does not involve selling upfront to customers but rather gradually converting your fans into loyal buyers. Given that search engines and social media networks promote only high-caliber content, your story must be told in a memorable and appealing format, also bringing added value to your consumers.

Our teams have a vast experience in generating real impact so that your product will become top-of-mind for your target audience. We will help you reach those particular consumers who need your unique solutions, through Content Marketing and influencer-centric campaigns.