Kondiment will be at iCEE.fest: Upgrade 100. Here’s what you need to know

Created by Kondiment
on June 11, 2019

Kondiment will be back at iCEE.fest: Upgrade 100, the most important digital transformation festival in Eastern Europe. From the 13th to 14th of June 2019 we will interact with more than 170 independent experts or from international companies.

During the event, we will not only exchange ideas with digital marketing professionals but also cheer at the UDemocracy stage, organized by Majoritas Global, through “Majoritas Academy” and its partners. The TECH & DEMOCRACY stage will include presentations, debates, ideas, projects and solutions that will change the way we look at politics in digital. The opening presentation will be provided by Lucian Despoiu, founder of Kondiment and Majoritas.

A special guest on the UDemocracy stage will be Radu Puchiu, founder and CEO of H.appyCities. This is a desktop and mobile application that will help global metropolises truly become smart cities and improve communication between citizens and local public institutions. We'll give you more details after the festival, so keep an eye on us.

Also, Stan Greenberg, a world-renowned political consultant, bestseller author, senior advisor to Bill Clinton's and Al Gore's presidential campaigns, will provide his vision and expertise at UDemocracy.

200+ experts

We are excited to attend Q&A presentations and sessions with representatives of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Waze, HubSpot, PwC UK, TikTok, LinkedIn and many others. By all means, we will also network with over 3,000 attendees and gather valuable information directly from the industry to share it with you, our clients and partners.

The STAR guest of this event is Salim Ismail. The Canadian entrepreneur and speaker will talk about technology, future and his latest book, in an interview with Andreea Esca. Lucian Despoiu played a major role in bringing Salim Ismail on the iCEE.fest stage. Salim has been profiled across a wide range of media outlets, including the New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, Vogue and the BBC. Its best-selling book, Exponential Organizations: Why are new organizations ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it), continues to be recommended by successful entrepreneurs around the world.

We are pleased to announce that this book will be translated and published for the first time in Romania through our agency, Kondiment. The foreword of the book is signed by Lucian Despoiu, and we are giving you a sneak peek into it, which will surely spark your interest:

"Too few businesses in Romania think globally. It seems too few entrepreneurs in our country develop, want or plan a business that grows exponentially. It seems there are too few that search and find systematically the signs of the Highway to success. I find the translation and publication of the book in Romanian as a necessary correction in this respect."

This year started with a lot of changes in the digital world – the trends are becoming more dynamic, but Kondiment always keeps ahead of the curve. We continue to innovate and make available advanced and emerging digital solutions. At the event, we will focus on trends in digital marketing, start-ups, eCommerce and eHealth to better understand their disruptive impact on how we do business.

If you have already booked your ticket, we will see you soon at Upgrade 100. If you are interested in watching the iCEE.fest 2019 festival from home or at the office, check out the official website or listen to a podcast at

iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 takes place in Bucharest on June 13th and 14th, 2019 for the 8th year in a row, with the support of Orange, Nissan, George / BCR, Coca-Cola, GLO, mPlatform, MedLife, Samsung, RedBull, Majoritas Academy and other sponsors.

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