Duplicate content and what impact it has on your online business

Created by Kondiment
on January 29, 2018

Duplicate content is that content you find on the Internet in more than one place. If the same content is displayed on more than one web address, that means that you are dealing with duplicate content. Though you will not be technically sanctioned, duplicate content can have a huge impact in terms of the search engine results.

There are many URLs which offer the same type of content or at least “almost the same type of content” and at the end it can be complicated for search engines to decide which version is more relevant for a certain type of search.

Why is so important not to have duplicate content

Duplicate content can cause 3 major problems for search engine:

1. It won’t know which version must be included/excluded from the results;

2. It won’t know if it must assign values like trust, authority, personal capital, etc. to a page or to keep it separate, between more other versions;

3. It won’t know which version to put first in the results;

Duplicate content has as a consequence the decrease of traffic on the website, as well as the drop in the search engine rankings.

These disadvantages usually arise from:

1. To offer the best search experience, search engines will display quite rarely more versions of the same type of content. That being said, a search engine is forced to choose which version is suitable for the results. This practice dilutes every duplicate content visibility;

2. Personal capital can be diluted furthermore because other websites must choose between duplicates. Instead all inbound links go to the same content, they will go to several pieces of content, spreading personal capital between duplicates.

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