Benefits of content marketing that can grow your business

Created by Kondiment
on February 01, 2018

"The content is not just a thing that we write to position ourselves above or infographic or long formal items. The content is anything that communicates a message to the target audience. ANYTHING. ", says Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent, Inc. about content. So, if you're still wondering if "content is important to your business," the answer is simple: Yes, it's very important!

Content is at the heart of what marketing specialists do. We discuss with readers, consumers and clients and what we tell them in the end, regardless of the form we chose to use, it’s called content.

If it hadn’t been for content, SEO techniques wouldn’t have what to optimize for the search engines. Metadata we add to posts are a trial to help bots like Google and Facebook to pack digital around content complexity it indexes. Moreover, every link goes to a piece of content and tags people use to type in search engines are an attempt to find content.

Given the fact that every email, every Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter post, every landing page and every product description are examples of content, we have again an answer at your question regarding if “content is important to your business”.

How Content Marketing can help your business grow

In 2018, we find content marketing on 1st place when it comes to marketing specialists priorities. Not long ago companies avoided allocating resources for content marketing, because they didn’t really understand the benefits of content marketing. Now, things are starting to change and your business has to keep up with the market.

Content marketing comes with a series of benefits, part intangible, like brand awareness, respect and admiration inside the industry, consumers indirect conversions or team coordination, part tangible like website traffic, improved SEO or direct interaction with clients.

Unfortunately, content marketing benefits can’t be seen immediately. At the beginning you you have to make more effort to turn the wheel around, but over time, when you get hit the cruise speed, the effort will diminish slowly and you will start seeing the results.

Because this year it’s about customization, marketing for people, interactivity, repositioning, quality content and user focus, make sure your marketing strategy includes the necessary KPIs. Kondiment can help you be successful through content marketing, using a well structured marketing mix. That is why we invite you to fill out the form, so that we can get to know each other over a warm cup of coffe.

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