14 SEO tricks from Neil Patel brought from GPeC SUMMIT 2017

Created by Ganescu Madalina
on January 23, 2018

We often get questions regarding how fast can one create conversion if he/she invest in Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. campaigns or in influencing campaigns and more than that, how can they make an website grow fast using low budget. 

Furthermore, when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), few understand that this part of the internet is growing as fast and sensitive as it happens with a child in whom you invest everything you have, from feelings to time and money.

This year we’ve learned new online tricks from one of the world's largest specialists, Neil Patel, co-founder Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and Keissmetrics, who walked on GPEC stage in two rows to share from his experience. As Neil Patel says, all SEO rules start with the title and, we are of the opinion that they never end. We received a couple of tips&tricks that help e-commerce representatives duble their conversion, but this doesn’t mean that at a certain point you won’t be forced to invest a sum of money for the online adds, that might help you differentiate yourself on the market. Kondiment can guide you in every moment to start that campaign able to help you get ROI from digital marketing.

At GPEC SUMMIT we had a lot of things to learn, we built up our knowledge, we did networking and shared ideas and solutions for successful online businesses, and if we were to discuss each topic in the debate, we would probably use the time working with you to create great ideas that make your business revive just like the Pheonix Bird.

After two of Neil Patel's presentations at GPEC, we considered it necessary to review two short but essential lessons when it comes to SEO, which sometimes can solve problems that until now you thought you can solve only if you had a lot of money. When it's all about money, what a lot of you should know is that there is often a chance that great results will come from budget-friendly campaigns, if you have the right person in the team to apply the recipe of success.

What we’ve learned from Neil Patel about titles:

1. Numbers and negative words increase CTR (clickthrough rate);

2. Keep the title under 65 characters for search;

3. Match the title with the article content;

4. The odd numbers perform better than they seem;

5. Select 6 words titles;

6. Avoid words that have more meanings;

7. Include strong words and adjectives;

7 golden rules from Neil Patel for those who work online

1. Your products quality is the best strategy for more reviews;

2. Keep up with the latest channels of communication;

3. Video content helps you establish a closer relationship with your audience, but you don’t necessarily need to get conversion;

4. Discounts and soldiers bring more profit than prices that remain unchanged throughout the year. So choose them even if you're a premium brand;

5. Macro-conversions and increased CTR should not come out of your visual spectrum;

6. Marketing strategy is not based on opinions, the arguments are those that bring results;

7. For brands in certain industries, Instagram forms the perfect pair alongside the influencers.

To conclude in a wise note, we will leave you with 3 other lessons from Neil Patel:

"Sometimes we are too fast to count the days we forget to make the days count."

"If you want your blog to grow further, you have to learn to be constantly on it."

"The impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion."

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