Why do you need a Project Charter and what it contains

When planning a new online project, the project charter is an essential document that defines the fundamental information about a project and is used to authorize it.


Benefits of content marketing that can grow your business

The content is not just a thing that we write to position ourselves above or infographic or long formal items. The content is anything that communicates a message to the target audience. ANYTHING.


Duplicate content and what impact it has on your online business

Duplicate content is that content you find on the Internet in more than one place. If the same content is displayed on more than one web address, that means that you are dealing with duplicate content.


14 SEO tricks from Neil Patel brought from GPeC SUMMIT 2017

We often get questions regarding how fast can you create conversion if you invest in Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. campaigns or in influencing campaigns and more than that, how can you make an website grow fast using low budget ...


Instagram Stories receives text support and screenshot notifications

Instagram launches new features, similar to those ones implemented in WhatsApp. Currently, Instagram is working on a new Stories format that allows users to write text statuses, offering customizable options.


WhatsApp improves YouTube integration

WhatsApp announces new updates, and information is of equal interest to both regular users and the business environment. With WhatsApp, you'll finally be able to watch videos with friends and colleagues.


Coca-Cola changes marketing strategy and launches a new design for Diet Coke

Coca-Cola recently announced that it is changing its design for the Diet Coke, dietary juice line, and is launching a new marketing campaign for soft drinks. At the same time, ...


2018 it’s about content marketing. Have you set your editorial calendar?

The last years have attracted consistent investment in terms of the content marketing from organizations, and in 2018, from the marketing plan perspective, content creation should, for each business, ...