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Kondiment is for proven eficiency, wisdom, power, tenacity, know-how, aproach, understanding and action. We are here to show you how can your business have a huge digital impact in the years to come. Proeficiency taught us that you can’t sell anything, if you can’t tell anything, but most of all, that marketing without data it’s the same with driving with your eyes closed. In over 16 years of activity, our passion for online got deep into our DNA and if your business got into that point in which you need an online presence or a digital transformation is required, we are here to offer you the best solutions and results which really matters. In a word led by the interne...

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  • Content Marketing

    Your story must be told as memorable as possible to those who follow you in. For impact, you need to...

  • Marketing

    Creating a website is just the brick that underlies a solid brand construction. It's not enough...

  • Technology

    Design is just the apparel of a whole ecosystem that puts your functionalities in motion. Behind eve...

  • Design

    Design is the correspondent of a very well-chosen outfit for a first date. It must not only attract...

  • Strategy

    Each project must have a goal and a profit-oriented action plan. Our team creates solutions that are...




Alina Teodorescu

Client Service Director

Luca Constantinescu

Business Development Director

Mădălina Gănescu

Marketing & Communication Manager

Raluca Croitoru

Human Resources Director

Alexandru Dragomir

Digital Marketing Specialist Contributor

Bianca Cremene

Junior Business Development

Andra Licănescu

Senior Web Design Contributor

Mircea Tache

Visual Design Contributor

Andrei Călin

Senior Web Design Contributor

Alin Duplea

UI/UX Designer

Paul Maxineanu

Senior Web Developer Contributor

Ștefan Rotaru

Front-End Developer

George Tudor

Front-End Developer